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Product Description

Foxlink develops and produces switching power supplies. We have complete power solutions for AC/DC adapter, tailor-made open frame PS and forced air cooling system PS. Current products are using on system applications like portable adapter, battery charger, printer, high end PC, wireless LAN, music player and networking communication with proved reliability history.


ProductOutput Voltage Output Current Description
5W Adapter5V1AAC/DC adapter
5W Adapter5V1AAC/DC adapter
B9 Power Adapter5V2.1AAC/DC adapter
AP6 Power Adapter6.25V2.5AAC/DC adapter
AP3R UK Power Adapter5V1.8AAC/DC adapter
AP8 NA Power Adapter5V1AAC/DC adapter
AP8 EU Power Adapter5V1AAC/DC adapter
AP8 UK Power Adapter5V1AAC/DC adapter
18W Power Adapter12V1.5AAC/DC adapter
10W Power Adapter5V2AAC/DC adapter
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